In an age where Reggae Music appears to lack true creativity and substance with the exception of a few artists, Abajonai is overflowing with positivity and creativity. Abajonai (pronounced ABA-JO-NYE), born Hughgan Thompson in the rural community of Golden River, Above Rocks, St. Catherine, lives his life and create his music based on a quote he once heard from the legend Everton Blender; “blow your nose and not your mind”. A typical day in the life of Abajonai includes a trod to the spring, daily devotion, watering his garden and cleaning his surroundings before touching the streets and hitting the studios. The genre and root of Abajonai’s music is Roots Reggae.

In mid 2008 Abajonai recorded the singles “No Weak Heart” and “Black Am I” for Solid Agency and Mystic Gorilla respectively. In 2009, he released “Lion of Judah” with JNR International along with a JNR/Abajonai mixtape, which was released in England and for download in summer of 2009.
Abajonai recorded for Tuff Gong Records in 2001, and also performed with Sizzla Kalonji, Ernie Smith among other industry veterans and performing at H.I.S. Majesty Earth Strong in 2008. He also had the opportunity of recording for Downsound Records, Solid Agency, Jump Out Label and Caveman.
In 2011, he released such songs as, “Legalize the Herb”, “Whole World is Africa”, “No Weak Heart”, and “Rock & Come Eeen ya” due to be remixed backed by the Alliance and Bounty Killah
Now in 2012, the world awaits such hits as “Ma Ma Wissi Wissi”, and “Real Born Kush” due to be release some time in 2012.

" Rasta neva go nowhere. We still right here. From the banks of the River Nile comes I, Abajonai! "


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