Nachy Bless

Nachy Bless is on a mission for "Reggae Soul Hop".

Brooklyn artist, Nachy Bless has been certainly steering the "Reggae Soul Hop" train, not on the local stops in your ride home, but in the "EXPRESS" lane with his new song, "Literally Lit" off his new project, "Untitled Folder".

The industry has been missing the fuel to keep the fire burning, Nachy's that petroleum to keep the game ignited with his pro- fresh style and no second guessing, the energy of confidence and hunting for his paper, Nachy's focused so he can feed his family.

While he's on an early morning money patrol, he always keeps the faith in the Most High Jah Rastafari, for he knows by the sweat of his brow, he will eat bread. Get in the zone and in your own space with Nachy Bless's music, for sure your listeners will enjoy "Literally Lit" as you do.


Nachy Bless
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