Shon Dan

Music is the link to many people’s souls, it helps get through the day, heal from a broken heart or tells the story of their life. There are so many styles, genres, sounds and artist to listen to. People sometimes pick a genre or sound based on their mood, heritage or peer preference. One genre that tells a true story is Reggae. One amazing artist in the Reggae genre is Shon Dan.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1994, Shon Dan is a young Reggae artist influenced by God, Capleton, and Garnet Silk. Majoring in business management at Berkeley College, Shon Dan started writing music at the young age of 16. He chose reggae because he was influenced by his father, who listened to primarily classic reggae. He has released one album with another one on the way.

Shon Dan is very passionate about his music, it has been a staple in his life to get through rough times when his mother was gone and life in the islands was tough. His mother moved him and his brother to the US when he was a teenage boy and while he has lived several places he currently resides in Brooklyn New York. He feels that living in Brooklyn has allowed him to be more versatile with his music and lyrics. Shon Dan is currently on a new album and Dancehall mix for promotion. The music of Shon Dan is very unique as each song tells a true story about him or his life.


The lyrics and sounds of his music cover many basis of life, from life in the islands, to love and heartbreak to politics. Some people may feel that some of his songs fall into more of a rap genre than reggae, in which cases may be true. The way that he tells his story through his music and keeps it real is amazing, I would honestly say that Shon Dan keeps his music true to life.


Shon Dan is a reggae artist with a story to tell. Unlike so many other artist he tells his story true to life, he doesn’t just sing about what people want. His music speaks from the heart from his childhood to his daily adult life. He speaks his mind through his music and tells his feelings. Shon Dan is definitely a name to remember and his music amazingly well played. I give him two thumbs up for following his dreams, telling his story and being real.


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